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LUXE by the Charlee is a master planned aquatic resort and spa community consisting of 17 waterfront residential lots, 18 apartment units, 46 cabanas, a private beach and a centerpiece 116 room luxury hotel. The Project is located at water’s edge in beautiful Guatape, Antioquia, a short 47 mile (75km) drive from Medellin. The LUXE Resort and Spa is the first development of its kind in the region and will fill unmet demands in the eastern Antioquia market.

The Project was funded in two stages. The initial investment group provided the capital to take the opening phase, including apartments, lots, and cabanas, to sale. The profit from the sales of phase one were then combined with a second investment round to fund the development of the hotel, requiring no long term debt and giving initial investors a large premium compared to the second investment round.

The Project will feature a 250 meter spa, beach club restaurant, international restaurant with 300 person capacity, 100 meter gym, 2 tennis courts, multifunctional court, modern chapel, 848 meter auditorium with capacity for 1000 guests, white sand beach, 10 horse stables and a fully inclusive aquatic activity center. LUXE opens for full operation in late 2013.



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